Who Is The Author?

Photo courtesy of Georgia Miller.

Sean McGuire is a man without a hometown, and a man who has a story to tell, just like you.

In 1992, he was born to a Roman Catholic Marine officer and his ex-Methodist writer wife. In his childhood, he moved between California and Virginia multiple times. He wound up in Milwaukee when Dad retired from the Corps to get a theology degree, and in Montana when a college hired him as a professor. Sean graduated from high school there, and went to Kansas to study English at Benedictine College.

The Kingdom Trilogy was born in Milwaukee, and grew in Montana into a storyline that he could never leave alone. Over the years, his vision has been influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Andrew Lang, Mel Gibson, Flannery O’ Connor, Peter Jackson, Edmund Spenser, John Milton and many other fine storytellers. Nothing touches his day like a good story.


2 thoughts on “Who Is The Author?

  1. Well done, Sean. Just think your picture could be a little smaller. It doesn’t have to be quite so big and still show off your good looks. Just one question–with all your wisdom and insight, why no gray hair? You are a gift to us.
    Sister Judith Ann
    Poor Clares of Montana

  2. You are doing great Sean! I can’t wait for the short story too! Everything about the book is just so amazing, and so thrilling, so I am heard

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