Arman’s World

Upper Nola is a land grappling with change. At the beginning of The Quest, Arman lives there, absolutely blind to the wave that is about crash into him. Every week you get to meet one of them. Or one of the countries in which they live, or hear tell of. You might even meet some monsters, if you stick around long enough.

Here’s an example: the profile of Arman himself, in all his timidity at the beginning of The Quest. How I’ve put up with him for this long is anybody’s guess.

Name: Arman, son of Garath

Looks: Brown hair, blue eyes, healthy figure

Hobbies: Watching sunlight fall on his hometown, making boring, virtuous retorts to dirty jokes, and talking with a pretty and wise young lady (Plot Spoiler: Things change a little bit by the end of The Quest).

Loves: Helping people, hearing stories, and getting praise

Hates: Letting people down, looking stupid, and being powerless

Special Weakness: Can’t make decisions by himself. Indecisive and timid.

Most Dangerous Moment In The Quest: He has about six or seven of these tying for first place. Let’s go with the one where he plummets from a hundred-foot high stone tower…

Theme Song: Dangerous by House of Heroes

Memorable Quote: “Why do you call me your lord? You could have drowned in that river as well, but you came after me. You have no more right to call me “lord” than my mother. Now what’s wrong?”


Menemaeus and The Nameless One








Lelana and Eathea













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