Monday Meditations: She’s In My Blood…

I may be slightly biased, but I believe I’ve posted something that will blow your mind into the next dimension.


“Reinventing Robert Cohn” by And Then There Were None

First off, I am positive that this is a reference to Robert Cohn from Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.

Second off, this is a beautiful pop song that roars through my speakers like a tornado every time it plays. If you don’t like synthesizers, this may the song that makes you fall in love with them. They set the mood perfectly at every moment, with that peculiar sense of timing that puts you in a whole other world. Best of all, they intensify some of the most memorable songwriting I have heard in the 21st century.

“Like a thunderstorm that pulls you deep into the night…”


“She’s in my blood

And like a fire inside me

Consumes the air then leads me blindly

She has my hopes and dreams

And she’s the one I see

Who screams, ‘Go on! Go on!’”

And Then There Were None


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