Notes Of A Storyteller: The Plan Never Works

I am writing this post for the chronically unorganized. I am speaking to you writers who can never get a schedule worked out, who collapse after coming home from work only to be beseiged by small children before you can get any writing done; who open a laptop, aflame with a brilliant chapter, only to get entangled in Facebook. I know your attention span probably didn’t get you all the way through this paragraph without your mischievous little eyeballs looking at your Twitter Feed.

So I’ll make this short.

And simple.

Do you ever feel like you could write ten million Pulitzer Prize-winning novels if you could just get into a good schedule? Have you tried ten million such plans, only to fail?

Guess what. That’s exactly the way life works. Cease thy moaning, take a deep breath, and scrap the plan. It’s gone. It’s done for. It’s vaporized. You’ll waste even more writing time trying to get it back.

The moment you see a chance to write, take it even if you didn’t plan it. Jump onto your computer for those ten minutes between eating your dinner and having that date with Amanda (or Alejandro, as the case may be). Even better, skip dinner. Carve out whatever time you have at the moment.

Don’t think. Do it.

Now stop reading this blog and get to work.


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