An Announcement

Usually, on Fridays I post the weekly “Notes Of A Storyteller”. I adore this feature. In fact, I adore all of the features I run on here. Unfortunately, I must go on hiatus. There will be no “Notes Of A Storyteller” today. On Monday, there will be no “Monday Meditations”; on Wednesday no “The Storyteller Reports”, and on Friday (again) no “Notes Of A Storyteller”.

Most importantly, I have officially decided to postpone the release of The Kingdom: The Quest from October 20 to October 25.

You have no idea how much I didn’t want to do this. Or to give up my features next week. But after agonizing over the choice today, I find that it’s the best thing I could possibly do for you, my faithful readers.

When I publish The Kingdom: The Quest, I want it to be perfect. Obviously, it won’t be. But I want to come as close as I can. Four years I have sweated over this story, and I want it to show. My editor and I have looked over the book. We want to take more time to work on them. There’s dialogue that needs streamlining. There’s lines that need to get reworded. There’s subplots that need to get a little more explanation.

Every extra hour I take on this will be worth it. I already know that. I’m already exhausted, stressed and terrified… and I love it. As much as I moan and hyperventilate, I couldn’t live any other way. It’s an honor to be an indie author. I love hearing your comments, and I love answering. I love the few times I get to talk with those of you on Twitter. And of course, I love the craft of storytelling, and finding people like you who think it’s worthwhile in this world.

Thanks for sticking it out with me. I hope you don’t mind waiting a few extra days- oh, sorry, my main character just called me.


“Arman? My main character? Why are you calling me on a cell phone?”

“Menemaeus helped me. Don’t worry about the details. Now what’s this I’m hearing that I don’t get my debut until October 25th?”

“Um… it’s true. I just announced it on the official website. Sorry.”

“Sorry? You didn’t even talk to me! Why?”

“I know! It was an executive decision! We need more time to tweak your adventures!”

“You’re not going to change the part where I lead the soldiers in battle, are you?”

“Don’t worry, Arman; I already promised you I’d keep it.”

“Okay. I’m not trying to be pushy or anything, you know. But might your fans be a little angry at this delay?”

“Yeah… but I can PR my way around that, can’t I?”

“That’s a terrible way to put it. These are people with souls, Sean. Couldn’t you do something for them on the 20th?”

“Well, maybe… hey! What if we release one of the chapters on the 20th?”

“That sounds perfect! Which one?”

“Let’s make it a surprise.”

“I like your thinking. This why we made you the author. I’ll go tell Larsor and the others.”

“Send them my love.”

Sorry about that. Arman worries a lot, as you’ll find out on October 25th. But you know what? I’ll do what I told him I would do. I’m going to release one of the chapters of The Kingdom: The Quest, right here on the official website, and I’m not going to tell you which one it is. More details coming over the weekend. Have a wonderful Friday.


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