The Storyteller Reports: Mel Gibson and A Zombie Lion

Welcome to the weekly Storyteller Reports. For you uninitiated, I rant about storytelling news (in whatever form I choose) and then showcase the Storyteller of the Week. Enjoy!

Rant of the Week: Mel Gibson’s Braveheart 4

I know. It’s not set in Scotland, and it certainly does not involve painted highlanders and unmanly English princes. But to be honest, Mel Gibson’s latest project is a Braveheart sequel in spirit.

It’s the third sequel, in fact. Seriously. What else do you call The Patriot and We Were Soldiers? Each one features an inspired, determined hero leading men into battle against impossible odds. If they were B-movies, they might well have been called Braveheart 2: Guns of the Revolution and Braveheart 3: Modern Warfare.

Well, now Mel Gibson is working on a Judas Maccabeus film. Braveheart 4: Rise of the Hebrews. There’s been plenty of angry celebrity gossipers making noise about this, and I don’t mean to join them. I know what Mel said just as much as they do.

To be honest, I’m not that bothered. I truly think Mel has turned a corner on that. Notice that this project is coming on the heels of The Beaver, a serious character drama. That has got to mean that Mel has done soul-searching on some level. An actor-director famed for action movies does not suddenly shift genres unless he has a darn good reason. I think the darn good reason is that Mel has left the drama over the racial slurs behind.

I think this Judas Maccabeus film could be something good. I’m willing to give him a chance. He has shown with his past films that he has a sense of conveying what is brutal in order to ultimately convey what is good and just. He’s one of my favorite storytellers for that reason.

My greatest worry is cliche. What can he add to the “warrior uprising” formula that he hasn’t already? I’ll be keeping a close eye on details as they come out. You should too.

Storyteller of the Week: Dmytry Karpov

This guy might be the only fantasy writer in the world who writes paranormal romances involving a leprechaun for a boyfriend and a zombie lion for a villain. Yes. I just wrote that in a sentence. I am not on drugs; I am on Dmytry Karpov.

Like many other wonderful writers, I met this fellow online. His fiancee, Kimberly Kinrade, had just interviewed my main character on her blog. Soon after, I saw his name thrown around and checked out his blog. I commented on one of his posts, he commented on some of my posts, and I decided that I was very excited about his upcoming novel.

The Lion, The Leprechaun and The Lonely Girl really is a paranormal romance with a leprechaun. The villain really is a zombie lion (the Nemean Lion, for you Greek mythology junkies).

What makes me even more excited is that Dmyrtry is a fantastic writer. I urge you to check out his writing advice on his website. He knows his craft, and he uses it well. I learned that much after reading a flash fiction he wrote for a contest in about 90 minutes. In that short time, he wrote something that spooked the living daylights out of me.

If you don’t have time to read that, then take my word. This man is the Storyteller of the Week because he writes with style, skill, and spirit. I sincerely enjoy reading his work. I’ve heard that The Lion, The Leprechaun and the Lonely Girl debuts sometime this month. Go find out more on Dmytry’s official site… if you dare.

Whatever you do, please give him a storyteller’s salute.


2 thoughts on “The Storyteller Reports: Mel Gibson and A Zombie Lion

  1. Well, I’m certainly ON Dmytry Karpov myself 🙂 And yes, he is an epic genius in writing and all things! I’m not biased. Not at all. I thought this before I fell in love with him! (It’s how we ended up falling in love in the first place.)

    And I have to tell you, I just got through editing some new rewrites on his book and OMG! You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 😉

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