Since he was a little boy, Arman had heard the name Chelvia: one of the many smaller countries who aren’t as prosperous as Gyrden. He didn’t think much of it. Neither did anyone else. Even as he set out on his quest, he didn’t do any planning for when he arrived there. All things considered, that was probably for the best.

Name: Chelvia

Location: East of Horoan

Role in The Quest: Not immense at first, until Arman comes there in dire need and finds some dangerous people to help him.

Chief Industries: Farming

Government: Monarchy

Ruler: King Oltin

Values: Strength and power

Banner: A green wildcat over a red background

History: Chelvia is one of the many countries striving to outdo each other in military prowess, harvest size, and favor with the Big Three nations: Gyrden, Horoan and Bolfuir. Chelvia has been a petty kingdom of varying size for as long as anyone can remember.


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