The Second Country Arman Visits

This summer I’ve edited chapter after chapter for The Kingdom: The Quest. One of the toughest ones to edit takes place in this country. Here’s the basics on the third-most powerful country in Arman’s world.

Name: Horoan

Location: North of Bolfuir, and right under the Gorontas Mountains. They have very few resources. Outsiders joke that all they have is blood and iron.

Role in The Quest: Huge. Arman comes to them with news of the Nameless One. They join the alliance, but the way they do it poses a problem…

Chief Industries: Mining

Government: The Central Council is comprised of governors from several provinces. The Council’s word is law. The governors’ word in their own provinces is law, so long as it does not conflict with the Council. The governors are chosen by the army.

Ruler: The Central Council

Values: Endurance and strength

Banner: A lone grey fist over a black background

History: They were just another petty kingdom fighting for power. Then Gyrden started offering their amazing farming secrets, in exchange for peace. Horoan seized the offer, and became a powerful country along with Bolfuir. Since then, there has bee tension between Horoan and Bolfuir. It’s not helped by the fact that the Central Council of Horoan has been kinder to the neighboring nations than Bolfuir’s High Lord.


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