Surprise Character #2

If you missed the last post, I’m debuting two new characters from The Kingdom: The Quest. One of them’s from another country. You get to learn more about that country next, week, as well as the one that Arman’s from.

By the way, there might be a map going up on this site in the near future. More on that when I announce the winners for the greatest contest in the world. The deadline has been extended to August 1. What are you sitting there for? Bashful or something? Go enter for a chance to win an exclusive excerpt from The Quest, and an unforgettable shout out. And spread the word!

Now to business. This girl also doesn’t appear much. In fact, she’s only in one chapter. She knows it too, and she keeps herself quite busy…

Name: Eathea, daughter of Fulhun

Looks: Blonde and full of smiles. She’s quite beautiful.

Hobbies: Chatting up powerful nobles in her home country, and getting what she wants from her powerful uncle

Loves: Power over other people, and the power to gratify her desires

Hates: Not having that power

Special Weakness: She’s headstrong and will get away with whatever she can to achieve her plots

Most Dangerous Moment in The Quest: One night, she makes a move for political and personal power, a move that puts both her and Arman in grave danger.

Theme Song: “Misery Business” by Paramore

Memorable Quote: “I know many of the men you spoke to at the council. There are things that they would tell you, if Halath did not keep you away from them with all his feasting and games. Will you come with me?”


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