A Long-Expected Shout-Out

There are a great deal of thanks I have to deal out, so brace yourself. If you don’t follow any of these people, prepare to be amazed. I’ve interacted with them all in one way or another, and they deserve your attention in a way you can’t possibly fathom.

Thea AtkinsonShe’s written some blog posts that you need to read. Now.

Jenann Elias. Steampunk aficiando. All-around great person. If you don’t follow her on Twitter, you’re missing out.

Lyn Midnight. Of all the things that drew me to her blog, it was a review of Bridesmaids. It was an amazing review. Virtually every post that comes out is amazing. Not to mention Rya’s Story.

Jason McKinney. When he’s not tweeting his pure genius, he’s writing the sequel to his werewolves-vs.-humans war story set in Iraq. Read his blog now.

Michael R. Hicks. He offers his first novel for free. I started reading it earlier this week. If you don’t know what a Kreelan is before you start reading the In Her Name series… you will by the time you’re done (warning: not for the faint of heart).

Richard Raley. Not only does he subscribe to this blog, but he wrote an awesome post about Darth Vader.

Russel Blake. Please don’t take a word he says seriously. For the most part.

Dymtry Karpov and Kimberly Kinrade. Most dangerous writing duo I have ever seen. Read at your caution. By the way, Kimberly runs a second blog that features an exclusive cover of The Kingdom: The Quest that you can’t find anywhere else.

Still standing? Good. Take a deep breath, and relax yourself. You deserve it.

What’s more, you deserve a never-before-released excerpt of The Kingdom: The Quest. How would you like the chance to read it before anybody else?




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