Larsor: A Clown and A Comrade

There’s always at least one clown in a group. The reckless one, the one who drives you into insanity, and makes you laugh along every step of the way.

Arman meets his clown, and before long a fast friend, in Larsor. He’s a knight who joins Arman’s company after performing a great service. I’d love to tell you what, but he told me to keep it secret.

Name: Larsor, son of Eorlan

Looks: Long blond hair. Bright eyes. Either smiling impishly or (sometimes) brooding. 

Hobbies: Sporting, drinking, flirting, joking, and just a little bit of fighting

Loves: Fun, laughter, beautiful faces, and making his superiors look like idiots

Hates: Someone who spoils a joke, or isn’t moved by his antics

Special Weakness: He can’t control himself. When he starts telling jokes, he goes off the handle if no one stops him. When he turns serious, he becomes as unapproachable as a skeleton.

Most Dangerous Moment in The Quest: He shares plenty of these with Arman. But nothing comes close to when he flies into hysterics, almost halfway through the book…

Theme Song: “Faces” by House of Heroes 

Memorable Quote: “It’s only a scratch. Those were toy arrows they were shooting; they wanted me subdued, not killed. Which, if you seek my humble opinion, saves the world a beautiful work of art.”


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