The Enemy of the Exiled

Surprise! You get not one, but two new characters today. In the last post, you met the Guardian of the Exiled. Do you have what it takes to meet their Enemy?

The Nameless One has been the Nameless One for as long as the Exiled can remember. None of them even know what he is. Some whisper that he is a spirit like Menemaeus. Others call him a man with unfathomable powers, or the First Monster who made all the other monsters. Is he flesh? Is he air? If Menemaeus knows, he tells nothing.

What is undisputed is that the Nameless One is at war. The entire history of Arman’s world has been shaped by the campaigns of the Nameless One to conquer it. Now he is returned for his final and most terrible campaign.

Name:The Nameless One

Looks: No one knows what he looks like. He never leaves his stronghold: the dark island Okrash.

Hobbies: Devising the doom of pitiful creatures, summoning armies, and seething with hatred for Menemaeus and the people he protects

Loves: The death, pain and terror of good people

Hates: People who he cannot scare

Special Weakness: If he has one, no one knows about it

Most Dangerous Moment in The Quest: You won’t be meeting him in The Quest, but rest assured he provides many dangerous moments for Arman and his friends.

Theme Song: “Son of the Morning” by Oh, Sleeper

Memorable Quote: Not once throughout The Kingdom Trilogy does he ever say a word.


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