Wondrous News!

J.K. Rowling has joined the revolution. A toast to David Gaughran, who brought it to my attention that the famous author is releasing the Harry Potter series as e-books. If this isn’t a sign that I have taken the right path with The Kingdom Trilogy, there’s isn’t any at all. Except maybe the fact somebody sold more than a million. Another toast to John Locke, who has given a new definition to “successful indie writer”.

If you don’t subscribe to Gaughran, by the way, subscribe. Him and Passive Guy are your keys to the power of indie publishing.

More news! Kingdom news! With equal measures of pride and embarrassment, I formally announce that from the day I began editing The Kingdom: The Quest, my number of chapters has dropped from 70 to about 30.

No, you didn’t have too much to drink. I just said I have cut 40 chapters from this book. All the fluff from the rough draft has burned away like chaff. Only the wheat remains. Premature words, perhaps, but it’s that kind of day. I’m feeling good about what I’m writing. The Quest moves faster than anything else I’ve ever written. To be honest, I feel on top of my game. You have no idea how good it feels to be loud and arrogant like that. Try it sometime.

Moving on, there’s been a major overhaul with a key character, who you’ll meet in a couple of weeks. He’s a good man, and he is sworn to protect Arman. My heart pounds when I think about what happens to him.

Speaking of heart-pounding, I started a short story a while back. I just might have created the most evil freedom fighter you will ever meet. More details coming soon. Be afraid.

And speaking of afraid, I was so nervous that you weren’t going to like Arman that I decided to add some more features to his profile. Have you met him yet?


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